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WD-511 – Vacuum & Gas Flush Band Sealer                        





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Dimensions1450 x 1050 x 1500 mm (LxWxH)
Conveyor belt size1100 x 200 mm (LxW)
Electrical220 VAC / Single phase
Infeed directionLeft to Right (as a standard)
Bag thicknessUp to 0.7 mm
Sealing speed0-12 m per min. (variable speed)
Temperature range0-399 degrees Celsius
Sealing widthStandard 10 mm (5/15/20mm available)
Conveyor width200 mm (can be custom-made)
Conveyor loading weight15 kg



Stainless steel body (S)

Dry Ink Coder (I)

Ribbon Coder (R)

Conveyor width 300 mm or 400 mm

Right-to-left infeed direction


WD-511 is designed to quickly and efficiently seal any thermoplastic material (PP, PE, aluminum). It allows to program up to 20 different operation modes. The movable gas nozzle allows to reduce gas consumption, while a powerful vacuum pump allows to remove up to 99% of oxygen from sealed bags. Vacuuming and gas flushing can be performed interchangeably (during the same sealing session) or independently. As a result, vacuum-sealed bags extend shelf life, protect against corrosion, and reduce volume for more compact packages. Gas flushing system enables modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) that increases protection, freshness, and corrosion resistance for moisture sensitive products. This machine can be used for a wide array of products such as: fresh or dried food, medical devices, coffee, snacks, cosmetics, or electronics. WD-511 is, however, not suitable for products containing liquid substances.

Available customization options

WD-511 - horizontal vacuum and gas flush band sealer

  • Right-to-left infeed direction